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GAC XOIC, for the Internet of Things Open Community Network, has the mission to make a sustainable, open, free, neutral,  and technologically agnostic Internet of Things community network for the promotion of technological sovereignty, social autonomy and techno-ethics.

One of its central objectives is to support the local communities of The Things Network (TTN) and other free technologies in our territory.

GAC XOIC has a strong relationship with the community (TTNcat) because from femProcomuns and before from Free Knowledge Institute we gave support to a group of people from different fields who were involved in a technologically and socially exciting project: The Things Network (TTN), an open, free and neutral network for the Internet of Things (IoT). So under the umbrella of femProcomuns, FKI and with the support of a community was created. It gradually became aware of the importance of the proposal as a tool for popular sovereignty. In 2018, with the support of FKI, more than 40 workshops, 2 hackatons and the deployment of community communications infrastructure in the city of Barcelona were carried out, and in 2019 we continue to work to extend the network, now within the framework of femProcomuns.