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Teixidora Cooperativised Activity Group aims to facilitate tools, technologies, methodologies and processes to collectivise stories through collaborative and open documentation of events, content and data, while promoting its reuse and reelaboration. The group develops and maintains the semantic wiki platform, as well as bot applications that allow importing and exporting content from collaborative “pad” documents and other formats. It also offers event coverage services by facilitating collaborative documentation, organising teams of rapporteurs or training and coordinating teams of volunteers. It also offers training for organisations that want to make use of, open their documentation and interconnect it with other content.

The team is made up of femProcomuns working partners and external collaborators with experience in taking notes and using Teixidora. The roadmap of the project is shared with the Teixidora Contrast group, a consultative group formed by people who know and love the project. An important part of the development of the platform is carried out in intercooperation with Col·lectivaT, with which it also participates in the promotion of DADESS platform.

In addition to Teixidora, the group collaborates and/or supports other related projects with which it shares purposes, as is the case of the project.

The project started in 2016 and in 2018 was incorporated as a GAC in femProcomuns. In 2017 it received the Democratic Quality Award from the Barcelona City Council and has also received technical, organisational or economic support from TAG Taller d’Intangibles (2017, 2020), (2016-2021), La Mar de Bits, Remix the Commons (2020) and the Culture of Solidarity grant from the European Cultural Foundation (2020). Teixidora has covered, among others, the Technological Sovereignty Congress (Sobtec), the Solidarity Economy Fair of Catalonia (FESC), the Open City Biennial, the Commons Economies and Sharing Cities meetings, the World Social Forum for Transformative Economies (WSFTE) and the Commons Camp in Marseille (2020). In addition to many other events, lectures, training, conferences and meetings.

GAC projects (in progress)

Facilitation of open collaborative note-taking and documentation at events.
Training of teams and organisations in the use of
Facilitation and organisation of events
Implementation of models and technologies in other wikis.
Definition and implementation of semantic structure for other wikis.
*How Teixidora works

Working partners: Mònica Garriga, David Gómez, David Jacovkis
People collaborating in note-taking:
People involved in the PliegOS project: Marc Antoni Malagarriga, Enric Senabre, Ariadna Torres.
Intercooperation: Col·lectivaT, Remix the Commons.

Chapter XIV of “Sharing Cities Una visió global de les ciutats i local de Barcelona sobre  polítiques d’economia de plataforma i col·laborativa”: Compartir la relatoria col·laborativa amb Mònica Garriga Miret and David Gómez Fontanills, femProcomuns and Free Knowledge Institute; Enric Senabre Hidalgo and Mayo Fuster Morell, Dimmons UOC

Collaborative Online Writing and Techno-Social Communities of Practice Around the Commons: The Case of in Barcelona at Journal of Peer Production, By Mònica Garriga Miret, David Gómez Fontanills, Enric Senabre Hidalgo, Mayo Fuster Morell