This post is also available in: Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish) (the weaver) is an informative, participatory initiative to collect knowledge generated in talks and events, sharing documentation, exploring connections, relating debates and activity among each other and mapping actors (in general in the technical field) and the topics that intersect, with an emphasis on ethical and emancipating perspective.

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Collaborative Online Writing and Techno-Social Communities of Practice Around the Commons: The Case of in Barcelona
Journal of Peer Production By Mònica Garriga Miret, David Gómez Fontanills, Enric Senabre Hidalgo, Mayo Fuster Morell

We use various tools and methodologies to document what is done and contextualize it. We follow threads to inform and document events , share them on Twitter and Quitter / GNUSocial social networks, establish contact and dialogue, link etherpads and streamings, ask questions and give context. We network the networks relating events among each other through keywords, people and projects. We prepare thematic pages (through automatic searches on the contents of the wiki, which is structured based on categories and semantic properties) which automatically upload content and show both what is there, the actors and events: about political participation, the Internet of things, or gender and technology.

Seguim fils: Following the thread (also on twitter and quitter). We encourage note-taking and giving value to the materials produced by participation in the process of improving them.

Weaving the net, weaving complicities with platforms and technosocial communities -local and international- research groups and organisers of activities to find out what they do and need. Collecting and producing information giving context to the activity mapped, providing knowledge about how things work, the historical background, ethical debates, and unblackboxing technologies enabling their conscious adoption.

With the aim of Giving rope to personal and social autonomy and drawing attention to free technologies and cases of technological appropriation.

We have the support of WikisccR.png that gives us the web hosting and technical support and in 2017 we received the Barcelona City Council prize for Democratic Quality. We are looking for collaboration, support and financing to carry out the project, if you have any suggestions, write to us!