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femProcomuns is a cooperative created in Catalonia in 2017 with the aim to consolidate a commons ecosystem based on the principles of community self-management, ecological, economic and human sustainability, shared knowledge and replicability.

femProcomuns is a strategic social tool to cooperate and make the commons activity viable. An integral cooperative of consumers, users and workers

  • Everyone can become a member to use and / or produce goods and services under open business models, of equitable, circular, social and solidarity collaborative economy, and following commons management criteria.
  • With the desire to be part of the Social Economy and Solidarity Network (XES)

An easy and lightweight social-legal-economic tool

  • To cooperativise the economy and make commons projects viable.
  • To network, generate exchanges and collaboration with organizations and communities, and complement them.
  • To stick together when testing new economic and social models that arise around the world.
  • To build on ethical values and collectively build resources that make us freer.

Made with free technology tools, under ethical criteria

  • To work in Cooperativized Activity Groups (of self-managed production and / or consumption), build collective economic projects and decide together under which model to distribute expenses and income between contributors and users.
  • To internally exchange goods and services, creating a cooperative economy among us.
  • To invoice for projects and use revenues to cover expenses, taxes and payrolls.* Non-profit, subject to the principles and provisions of Law 12/2015 of July 9, of Cooperatives of Catalonia.