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In 2019 along with LabCoop, we coordinated the co-creation process, set up by Coopolis, to define how the incubation community and the physical space that was expected to open its doors at Can Batlló in to October. This process of co-creation and collective design was thought and implemented together with: cooperatives in the Ateneu, cooperatives and people related to incubation and co-work spaces in Barcelona and other interested people and projects They were undertaking cooperative projects, in all their phases, and they had a lot to contribute as protagonists and future hosts in the space.


• A Catalog of best practices in incubation areas, mainly in Catalonia, with some cases from other places.

• A total of 14 co-creation workshops to collectively define, conceptualise and design how the Coopolis Incubation Community of the future should be (2 general and 12 thematic sessions, addressing migrations, education, mobility, the community dimension, among others).

• A temporary co-working space that can accommodate projects to start this incubation community

• Group workshops and support to consolidation

This community of incubation for cooperative and community projects, which will also be a co-working space, should generate dynamics of collaboration, co-management and commitment with the community to maximize all the potentialities of intercooperation in Barcelona.