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Cooperativised Activity Groups Cooperativists and Cooperativised Activity Groups (GAC) work on innovation, design, development, manufacturing, incubation programs, economic promotion, creating methodologies, networks and services, research, sales, distribution and delivery of goods and services, artistic and cultural activities, cultural activism, training, courses, workshops, events, editorial activity, journalism, communication, event organization, space management, …… always looking to follow commons criteria. The commons are: For everyone (accessible, shared, replicable) Produced by everyone (everyone contributes or can contribute to them) Sustainable (we do not exhaust resources / reproduction / fair relationships) Managed by everyone (everyone participates or can participate in governance) *

Active Cooperativised Activity Groups (GAC)

Model d’organització femProcomuns
Communificating Actions GAC:
GAC CommonsCloud
  • Platform development
  • User community support
  • Training
GAC Teixidora