Putting co-design together

This post is also available in: Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

We put into play all the contributions and get into the details of the design of the incubation community of Can Batlló, its spaces, operation, governance and activities.

After holding thirteen co-creation sessions, on Monday, June 17th, the end arrives to bring into play the contributions you have made, from different communities and visions, from Barcelona and elsewhere.

The results of each of the meetings, have been documented in La Teixidora [in Catalan], and you can check them.

Since we held the first session to “start dancing” on February 18 at Nau 69 of Can Batlló, we have seen what this community must be like from different points of view, that of the neighborhoods, education and research, care and feminisms, uses and spaces, free technologies,  culture and art,  the community of Can Batlló, self-organization of migrants and diversities ,  consumption,  intercooperation and cooperative integration, recycling and the maker community, and sustainable mobility.