Classic troubleshooting tools vs new, at Sudoers Barcelona

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In the last Sudoers meeting, on February 28th, at the Canòdrom in Barcelona, Jordi Miguel reviewed the different tools that are usually used to solve problems in computer systems and applications, and proposed new ones, with innovative methods that allow to face these challenges in an easier and more efficient way.

The old approaches to solve the problems encountered in computer systems and applications were focused on specific system and application layers, which allowed taking “snapshots” of the state at a given time.


With the new proposed tools, such as: Co-Pilot (PCP), Profilers (deterministics and by sampling), solutions eBPF or by continuous analysis like Parca, it is possible to obtain temporary records (old and current), and to have a traceability of all systems and applications, which allow to detect, in a much simpler and more efficient way, possible bottlenecks directly in the production system with only a computer consumption rate of 1%-2%.

What is Sudoers Barcelona

Sudoers Barcelona is a group of system administrators who meet regularly to exchange experiences, tools and best practices.

From classic system administration to DevOps practices, CI/CD tools, configuration management, etc. Through discussions or presentations interesting tools are shared, as well as practical cases, to apply free tools in Linux or BSD environments.