femProcomuns support 8M Feminist Strike 2024

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At femProcomuns we support the feminist march for another year, and we encourage all partner organizations, collaborators and friends to do the same: to leave your houses, classrooms, shops and workplaces to fill the streets and make visible the struggles we fight all year long against inequality, precariousness, borders and genocide. For this reason, by agreement of the work team and the cooperative’s Tronc assembly, we join the mobilizations of the 8M Assembly and its manifesto.

From the year 2019 the cooperative has facilitated that all the people can exercise their right to work without paying the salary reduction that this entails. For this reason, on one hand, we inform the Social Security about the strike and, on the other hand, we compensate the salary cost of exercising this right.

At the proposal of the female partners of the cooperative, those of us who identify ourselves with the male gender of the femProcomuns work team have written this text to be published on March 8th, the day in which the whole team joins the feminist strike.

We denounce all the violence that women suffer, as well as those who do not identify with a normative gender. For this reason, we stand against patriarchy, male supremacy, LGTBIQA+ racism, xenophobia, and capitalism, and in favor of a dignified and full life for all people.

We are aware of the gender imbalances that occur in organizations and their governing bodies, as well as in projects with a strong technological component, also in femProcomuns. And we want to continue working to overcome these imbalances.

We are aware that the difference in the number of people of one gender or the other is important, but also that it is not, or is not only, a question of quotes, but of ways of doing. Feminisms also call for a different way of working and to give importance to reproductive tasks both in personal life and within organizations.

We want the same for everyone, no matter where we come from or where we go, no matter who we are or how we define ourselves. We do not forget those who fought and who are no longer there: the only battle that is lost is the one that is not fought and your fight lives on us.