La Comunificadora’s programme opens pre-registration for a new edition

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To create or strengthen projects:

  • Collective and collaborative that are viable, sustainable over time and respectful with the environment.
  • Made open and Free knowledge, technologies and methodologies.
  • Horizontal, participatory, democratic and community-based management and governance.
  • Where production is organised through fair and respectful relationships.

In recent years we have been realising that the economy must be transformed. The tension between extractive economic models and solidarity economy models (social market, intercooperation, commons oriented) must favour the latter and be put at the service of the needs of people and the planet. In recent months, this evidence has become overwhelming and we are aware that we cannot continue to delay making the necessary changes.

This programme will help projects evolve, in whatever development level they may be. You will be accompanied by a team of tutors and advisers who know the available technologies, legal and financial tools and co-creation methodologies and who have accompanied around fifty projects in the four editions of the programme. A team that is connected and aware that the complexities of the present times force us to create collective and multidisciplinary responses.

The programme runs from February to June 2021, with different intensities adapted to the needs of each project with

  • Guided workshops with online materials and visual canvases.
  • Self-managed collaborative work and group support through the Agora (online forum)
  • Tutorials and individual support

To make projects evolve through the 5 Pillars of the Commons: community, knowledge sharing, governance, mobilised resources and production.

To finish the programme having made a prototype, tested the project and defined a road-map.

You will meet other people who are also making transforming projects and will be able to exchange experiences and knowledge with a large network of people connected to the organisations coordinating the programme.

Some close, inspiring projects that are contributing to making a more solidarity-based and commons oriented economy are:

Resonate – a network for sharing music, set up as a multi-stakeholder cooperative of musicians, fans, workers and contributors.

Ràdios Escolars en Xarxa (REX) of the Catalan Countries, managed horizontally, for local and community radio stations, students and teachers, to chart a common path and share the radio knowledge that is born from each educational experience.

Coopcycle federation of bicycle delivery cooperatives from all over Europe which mutualise services and work together to protect the rights of delivery personnel, is made up of cooperatives such as Mensakas (from Barcelona), Coop de Pedal (de Mataró), La Pájara (from Madrid)

VanWoow is a multi-stakeholder non-profit cooperative for responsible and sustainable tourism that energises municipalities against depopulation by bringing together caravan travellers, rural initiatives and micro-villages.

Som Mobilitat, a cooperative for sharing vehicles, present throughout Catalonia and participating in The Mobility Factory, a second degree cooperative, in which they share a technological platform with other projects throughout Europe.

Katuma, a community of agro-ecological consumer and producer groups that share the online platform for buying and selling products, and which also shares it with the Open Food Network a community of agro-ecological consumer and producer groups that share the online platform for buying and selling products, and which also shares it with the

Other projects you can explore: : Modo.Coop for carsharing , Midata.Coop for health data sharing, or Up&Go for ethical house cleaning.