Teixidora collects the results of WSFTE 2020

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The World Social Forum of Transforming Economies (WSFTE), after a first virtual meeting last June, held a second stage in October 2020 within the framework of the Fira d’Economia Solidària de Catalunya. Initiatives responding to the major global challenges from specific and localised transformative economic practices were made visible.

The sessions of this process of convergence of the different movements of the alternative economy, which we call transformative economies on a local and international level, have been brought together at Teixidora through the collaborative reporting work promoted by the organisation.



You have at your disposal the notes from each of the sessions held; a Thematic Cartography, with an overview of the topics dealt with based on the key words that were collected in the collaborative notes; the Cartography of actors, with projects, organisations and people mentioned; and the results collected through the sessions: a list of outstanding sentences, identifying what has been said and proposals made, linked to the overall contents of each session.

If you didn’t make it to the event, do not have the time to watch the video recordings, or would like to make a more in-depth analysis of what was exchanged, do not miss out and visit Teixidora!

The main objective of the WSFET process is to bring together social movements and initiatives that share the desire to put people and the environment at the centre of the economy, and to end the economy based on extraction, growth, competitiveness and the market, and to advance towards resilient and collaborative societies that build and strengthen strategic alliances and actions based on working together.