We are at #FESC2020

This post is also available in: Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish)

The 9th edition of FESC, the Social Economy Fair of Catalonia, is already here with more than 180 exhibitors and 60 activities.

At femProcomuns we participate fully in the Fair, we have organised several activities and we provide Meet.coop videoconference room for TecnoFESC, we will also be in the exhibitors’ area, opening our stop to tell you about the projects of the cooperative.

We will be holding the following workshops online (all of them in Catalan)

Practical introduction to Open Street Maps
Open Street Map is the largest collaborative cartographic database and digital map service for websites and mobile applications. If you did not know it, this session is for you. If you already know it, but would like to know how to use it and contribute to it, it is also for you.
30 October, 17:30 to 19h

Magic beans, collective creation with free tools for teleworking
With LliureTIC and BTactic. Practical workshop in which, with the free teleworking tools Nextcloud + Phabricator + Discourse, we will create collective narratives.
November 5th from 17 to 19h

Translating BigBlueButton into Catalan translation
With LliureTIC and BTactic. Hackathon of translation into Catalan of the free videoconference software BigBlueButton and its Greenlight interface.
November 10th from 17 to 19h

Introduction to the Open and Community Internet of Things (XOIC)
The Internet of things, what is it and what technologies does it use, what does it mean to be open and communal?
17 November from 18 to 19h

Teixidora is looking for connections at FSMET 2020
In addition, Teixidora will once again be taking notes, this time from the sessions of the 2020 WSF, which will be held over 8 days on Mondays and Wednesdays at 15h CET. If you are interested in reviewing what was said at the previous FESCs, you can access the collaborative notes of FESC 2018 and FESC 2019 and play with the connections you find.