Workshop on Organic and Distributed Communication, in Coopolis

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On Thursday, October 10th, at the Escola Lliure del Sol we will do a practical workshop, in Coòpolis, to plan and execute the communication of a complex project.

We often apply simple and vertical communication methodologies, in which the object of communication travels from the sender to the receivers, from one to many. But this Communication model doesn’t always works for us, as it only works on projects that are also simple and vertical.

In this workshop we will apply organic  and distributed communication methodologies for complex projects.

Aimed at projects that involve large and diverse communities, they offer processes in which participation is key, distributed governance models are developed and want participants (the most and the least obvious participants)  to influence their environment, in a conscious and collective way.
We will see how the participants in communities access projects through various interfaces (platform, web, networks, mail, instant messaging, face-to-face, press, TV, …). And how only through an orchestrated and coordinated initial planning, strategy, management methodologies, participants experience, and metrics and evaluation systems, the project can get to the public in a manner in which the creativity of the communities add up to its communication in an effective and organic way.

The workshop will be given by Mònica Garriga (mogams) member of femProcomuns.