COMSOC launches the second edition of their radio training in Vilamajor Radio

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A new radio training is about to begin in Baix Montseny. After the second edition of the “Podcast training, new narratives for the world to listen” which took place at Can Sauleda (Sant Antoni de Vilamajor), we present a free course that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the practice of radio broadcasting. The sessions will take place evety Friday afternoon, from October 6th to December 15th, and will take place at Ràdio Vilamajor. Spots are already full!

Training details

The second edition of the training is designed for people aged 16 or over who can commit to attend 80% of the sessions. The course is free thanks to the support of the Ajuntament de Sant Antoni de Vilamajor and Diputació de Barcelona.

The course will focus on providing the knowledge, resources, examples and practices necessary to develop a radio project with the expressiveness that the language of sound allows. In addition, each person enrolled will have five hours of personalised tutoring to make their own project grow.

The methodology of the sessions will combine the presentation of contents, listening of materials, a permanent dialogue with the participants, sound practice in the studios of the radio station, and time to prepare the project itself. There will also be a collaborative work among equals, through different group dynamics, which will allow sharing the participants’ skills.



segon curs de radio practic vilamajor

The content of the radio project has to be related to the 2030 Agenda, which includes the s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), related to issues such as gender equality, climate action, sustainable consumption and production…

Team’s experience

COMSOC – Comunicació Social is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2008 and is currently part of the  femProcomuns cooperative. Since its origins, it has stimulated educommunication, especially through radio. With experience in local and national radio stations, in 2009 it launched an educational and cultural project in which the podcast was a central element, called «Concurs de podcast – Contes del món» and had an impressive reception for seven years: it promoted the creation of almost 1,000 podcasts by children, young people and adults.

COMSOC has trained hundreds of young people through radio workshops and also promoted a radio contest at the Vilamajor Institute (Sant Pere de Vilamajor). It was then, during the 2019 lockdown, that the radio programme «Sota la mascareta» was born, awarded by the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia at the eduCAC Awards. Since the end of 2020, COMSOC has promoted the creation of Ràdios Escolars en Xarxa (REX), a common space for educational radio stations from all over the Catalan Countries, and recently promoted the second edition of this radio school at Radio Vilamajor, with the dynamisation of podcasting and radio courses.