Deploying network along the country.

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Internet of Things open network spreads all along the country to connect sensors and actuators of any kind. In the first steps we focused on highly popullated areas and now we are also working at rural areas mainly through the city hall as we do in Alcover, Tarragona. Not only network is deployed, we also work in the service deployment for data processing, storage and explotation using free-software tools. Keep readint to know the way we do it.


XOIC believes every location is suitable for an open network deployment.

We deploy network infrastructe along services for data processing, storage and explotation using free software solutions from SomNúvol. We use tools for processing like NodeRed, storage using Prometheus and Grafana for data visualization. Using these tools we deploy complete solutions from the device to the data visualization.

Open Network in Alcover

Alcover’s city hall believes in smart city solutions and IoT using an open, public and anonymous network deployed by femProcomuns SCCL, and its specialized working group known as XOIC (Xarxa Oberta d’Internet de les Coses).With this solution the city hall provides itself with the IoT infrastructure for its own use but also for everybody in the area thanks to TTN (TheThingsNetwork) license and LoRaWAN tecnology.

This wireless technology provide several quilometres coverage for low-power devices. These are devices with low criticity and speed requirements like consumption meters (water, power, gas,….), environmental (temperature, humidity, noise, …), audience population, vehicle localization, working systems connection to the cloud and so on.

When deploying services for data explotation resources and collaboration with SomNúvol is greatly appreciated. This way the city hall does not need to worry about the data processing service maintenance.

We belive public money should be invested in public solutions that everybody is free to use. Furthermore a nice infraestructure for academic tasks and device testing is deployed.


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