LITURA at L’Asilo to question the absence of art in the time of COVID-19

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Our colleagues at L’Asilo – Ex Asilo Filangieri ( in Napoli, shared with us the project “LITURA” (a work by Alessandro Paschitto, a pupil from the Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi di Milano). The Project will start on May the 1st, International Workers’ Day, as a symbolic date to question the absence of theaters and of those who work in the arts, culture and entertainment from any institutional reasoning. A sector deemed superfluous, perhaps “less necessary” than others.

The idea is to shoot in a fixed-frame an empty theater, that of l’Asilo, making it available in streaming 24 hours a day and for the whole duration of the next phases established for by the Covid-19 decrees (an indefinite time for now). On the screen, a digital counter will record the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds in which the stage space remains deserted. L’Asilo Theater was chosen because this theater, a pulsating space of the city, of the national and international commons network, open and interdisciplinary, in this period would have hold plays, theatrical residences, seminars, the Elementary School of Theater, concerts, assemblies, cultural events of all kinds.

In this fixed frame will resonate the silence of the current state of the Art. A ‘NOT debut’ of symbolic value to ignite a critical dialogue with the publishing and communication sectors to encourage a conversation with different theater realities, small and big, aimed at building a more solid cultural network, more necessary than ever in this critical moment and in the coming months for the future of the performing arts.