Novembre IoTBcn & TTNcat Meeting at Canòdrom.

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Last Novembre 23th femProcomuns organized a new IoTBcn & TTNcat meeting at Canòdrom



We enoyed this meeting of interesting speakers and nice audience.

The first part of the meeting was focused on antenna design regarding the most common IoT standards. Aitor Moreno from Ignion introduced their multi-band solutions introducing several considerations regarding hardware design but also online free tools for this design in such aspects commonly forgot by device designers and makers


TTN community from Catalonia and femProcomuns through its GAC XOIC introduced several reports written by city councils for the last November Barcelona’s SmartCityExpo you can pick here. Introducing these reports we talked about the tasks we are working in for several city councils and we enjoyed the feedback from the audience in the meeting.

Our proposal for a federated global LoRaWAN open network was also introduced to the audience. We can develop this federated gloal network thanks to the collaboration with TICAEtelecom as we will together deploy our own LoRaWAN application server that will still be collaborating and sharing traffic with TheThingsNetwork as global LoRaWAN open network.


IoTFoundations from Mallorca shared their technology and experience on their projects in Palma de Mallorca empowering citizenship in acoustic,radioactive and ambiental pollution surveillance. Their technology is open documented and free to use, check only or also for own deployments, not only for their neigbours but for everybody to use. All audience was very glad to know they can easily imitate them and encourage their own neighbours to monitori their own surroundings’ pollution.

We really thank Carles Orts for sharing their technology and how-to guides so easily:
– Harbour surveillance :
– Nuclear radiation detectors :
– Noise Sensors :

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