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The Cooperative Activity Group Transitant (transitioning) aims to contribute to the communification of the economy, culture and society, accompanying projects that explore their feasibility and consolidation. At the same time, it spreads the word and invites to the reflection on this economic model differentiated from the market model and the possibilities of transition from one to the other. The group performs facilitation, training, support, counseling, consulting, dynamisation, reflection, research, communication, awareness and dissemination about the commons economy and its hybridization with cooperativism, the social market and transforming economies. The group has been part of the technical team of Barcelona Activa La Comunificadora programme (first jointly with Platoniq and later with LabCoop) and the Circle of incubation of the Cooperative Athenaeum Coopolis. We also work on open cooperativism, platform cooperativism, free licenses, free technologies, organic communication, participation tools and methodologies, among others. We participate in the postgraduate course on the Social Economy and Solidarity at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Have produced reports and didactic or informative materials about the Commons Economy, the Caring Economy and Platform Cooperativism. We have also conceived and produced the Card Game about the Commons economy.