CommonsCloud is now, also “SomNúvol”

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This post is also available in: Català (Catalan) Español (Spanish) tools and their website can also be used with the domain name SomNuvol .coop. The new address links the project to the movement of Catalan cooperatives that are transforming consumption, and responds to the demand for an easy-to-share name in Catalan.

We do not abandon the name “”, we maintain it while giving the option to use “” in the Catalan-speaking field. Some partners and others interested in technoethical digital cloud tools had asked us if it would be possible to have a Catalan name for their email, office, or other tools. The team at femProcomuns , the cooperative where people and users become members,  took it into account, ogether with the other organisations in the CommonsCloud Intercooperation Agreement, involved in the production of the service ( bTactic , < a href = “” target = “_ blank” rel = “noopener noreferrer”> Colectic y LliureTIC ), and we saw that it was important to give this option.

You can now have: for your email. for your office.

… and also: began as a project in 2018 to provide us with shared tools in the digital cloud, with free software, in a cooperative way and  techno-ethically. Currently, dozens of entities and individuals are already using them. We have offices (with storage, editing and file sharing; calendars, forms and surveys, internal communication, registration of hours of dedication, project management by tasks), e-mail and mailing lists, video conferencing, ERP manager (with budgets, invoicing, partner management, inventory management, accounting), agora and advanced forms. From the beginning, the inspirations were diverse, in the field of free software, open commons and cooperativism. One of the sources of inspiration was the movement of cooperatives that are transforming consumption by making people and users entities members, many of whom carry the “Som” in their name (such as Som Energia created in 2010, Som Connexió created in 2014 and Som Mobilitat created in 2016). For us, it was key that the people and user entities were cooperative members, as a guarantee of participation and also for the project not to be boughtable by a large platform. That is why we linked CommonsCloud to a multistakeholder cooperative where working partners and users share its governance, and we are producing the service through signed intercooperation agreements of the participating entities.